7th Wave Comics was created by writer Luke Donkersloot and began publishing the independent comic anthology Undertow in 2010. The first issue debuted the supernatural Western “The Organ-Grinder,” illustrated by Gibson Quarter. Since then, Undertow has continued to feature the OG, along with serialized and stand-alone stories by other creators.

There are currently six issues of Undertow available on this website, and at select comic cons and shops around the U.S. and Canada. Sets of books are also available at amazon.com with free shipping. Digital versions are available from comiXology.

We’ve recently released our first trade paperback, The Organ-Grinder, a 120-page book including content from Undertow #1-6 with a new, stand-alone OG story. It is available on this website, and will soon be available at available at amazon.com and comiXology.


Meet luke

Luke Donkersloot is the creator of the comic anthology Undertow and steward to 6000+ comic books. At age 11 Luke’s family trekked from Idaho to their new home in the bush town of Naknek in western Alaska. A small pile of comics made the journey with him, and left him forever changed. Now twenty-something years later, Luke has harnessed his great passion for stories and comics and loosed his imagination upon the world (with help!) in Undertow.

Undertow #1 debuted at the Amazing Arizona Comic Con in 2011, and has followed with a new 32-page issue each year. Undertow #6 (its 1st 40-page issue!) will debut at the Emerald City Comiconin Luke’s half-time home of Seattle, Washington, in early April 2016.

Printed issues of Undertow are available for purchase at the store here on the website, and digital versions are available from comiXology. Regular updates and in-progress artwork can be found on the Undertow Facebook page. If you enjoy weird and fantastic stories, please follow our work, and tell your friends!

Fred Kenendy

Fred Kennedy lives in glorious Ajax, Ontario. He has a resentful wife and two children who have yet to defeat him at Jenga. Then there’s his cat…jeez that cat is just awful. He really likes pasta, but worries that the carbs will make him fatter and grosser so he eats a lot of kale–even though it’s gritty and disgusting. When he was three he ate an entire can of corn, a decision he now regrets because he was reading an article about GMO’s and corn being evil. It was on the internet so it has to be true, right?

Anyways, Fred has been writing comics for a while now, and you can snag his sci-fi epic The Fourth Planet from Chapterhouse Comics at all quality comic book shops. Fred joined on with the 7th Wave team in 2015, and his on-going action-thriller, “The Replacement,” kicks off in Undertow #6,illustrated by Ryan Howe.

Greg Harms

Ghost Hill Greg Harms began making comics in the early 90′s, penciling, inking, and coloring creator-owned properties, and since then has worked as a graphic artist for Hastings Entertainment, freelance graphic designer, advertising sales rep, editor for local newspapers, and owner/operator of his own tourism paper.

Greg joined Roman Morales III as a partner in Third Empire Studios in 2006. Together they have produced work for major companies, as well as indie comic and self-publishers, including the four-issue miniseries 10th Muse 800 from Bluewater Productions, Kord and Harley from Arcana, and Deadzone. Third Empire Studios’ titles include Lynch Mob (originally published by Chaos! Comics), and Modus Operandi and Lola and Bernice(written by Kristi Harms). Greg has also worked on the mini-series Pinpoint from Big Dog Ink, and Station 39and Father Faust from CCP Comics. In his free time, Greg continues developing creator-owned properties, and taking selfies with his newest sketch cards.

To see more from Greg Harms, visit his website at gharms.weebly.com, find him on Facebook, or follow him on Twitter @ghosthillgh.

Guillermo Ortego

Born and raised in Madrid and currently living in London, Guillermo has been inking comic books and illustrating books and magazines ever since he completed a degree in History in 2009.

On inking duties he has worked for American publishers like Marvel, DC, Valiant and Dynamite Entertainment. Throughout the years he has collaborated with renowned pencillers such as Jim Cheung, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ardian Syaf, Mikel Janin, Paco Díaz and Robson Rocha and on books like X-Factor, Avengers, Original Sin, Superman Unchained, Justice League Dark, Grayson, Earth Two: World’s End and Batman Eternal.

On the illustration front, he’s provided regular illustrations for Mediapunta Magazine between 2008 and 2014, as well as producing a series of portraits for Everest’s official Real Madridbiography collection. You can also find Guillermo’s artwork in the anthologies Nueve Preguntas, Dibbuks (2012) and Undertow (2014) by American publisher 7th Wave Comics.

More recently, he has produced work for the Spanish newspapers MARCA, both on its paper and online editions, and EL MUNDO, illustrating covers and interiors for their daily newspaper and their magazines 


Gibson Quarter

GQ is a comic book artist/illustrator/designer/freelancer, and co-creator of “The Organ-Grinder,” featured in Undertow since issue one. GQ’s comic days started in the streets, illustrating “War on Drugs” with writer Alan Grant in Wasted magazine, and other questionable European magazines and comics: Northern Lightz, FutureQuake, Something Wicked, Zarjaz, and Dogbreath. His work has appeared in Holmes Inc. (http://holmesinccomic.wordpress.com), with sequential sensei Ty Templeton, and he pencils comic strips for Heroes of the North, inked by Guillermo Ortego, who is rumored to have cybernetic hands.

Gibson Quarter lives in Toronto, Ontario (a town in Canada, for any American readers). Details of his latest projects can be found at:


He encourages anyone interested in procuring his services to contact him at gibsonquarter27@yahoo.com, and to follow him on twitter at @gibsonquarter.

Ryan Howe

A graphic designer and illustrator, Ryan’s worked on a wide swath of comics, both web and print, since his first venture into web comics with Gun Street Girl by Barb Lien-Cooper in 2003. Between then and now he’s kept busy on titles such as Zombie Plague, Yva Starling: Troubleshooter, Jurassic Strikeforce 5, and Henchmen. He’s also dipped a toe into the gaming industry, most notably for Action Phase Games’ Heroes Wanted.

Ryan’s work can be seen within Undertow on “The Replacement.” For info on past and future projects, you can follow him at www.scribblinz.com, on Twitter @ryan_howe, or via a bunch of other social platforms that those two link to.

Adam Gorham

Adam is best known for his work on the medieval epic, Teuton, from Big Sexy Comics, which he co-created with series writer Fred Kennedy. Adam also has a couple of modest inking credits with IDW and Image Comics to his name. He’s contributed work to several anthologies including True Patriot, Monstrosity, and the Jewish Comix Anthology.

Within the pages of Undertow, Adam illustrates “The Forgetting,” a tale about immortals and the supernatural. You can follow his exploits via Twitter @AdamTGorham, and his blog at:


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